Thanks to all of our donors and supporters so far this year.  We are in a strong position and with the 40th Anniversary Party and MRBA Fundraising Week both in October; we hope to be able to raise the £40K target we’ve set so we can help more people and expand the scope of our work.

Most recently we’d like to thank BIG Conference, MRS Golf Day golfers with organisers Tony and Mark Dent from Sample Answers, Stewart Tippler from Insight Show 2018 and his cricketers, as well  Mike Roe for their support and generous donations.

BIG Conference raffle generates £466

Well BIG has done it again.  We really appreciate your continued help and support this year. Thanks so much for the £466 raised at this year’s Conference raffle.

MRS Golf Day raises £563.55

Once again Sample Answers organised this year’s MRS Golf Day in support of us.  The evening raffle produced a remarkable £400 contribution to the fund and the final tally was £563.55.  Thank you!

The day began at 7.30 am with bacon sandwiches at Chobham Golf Club and the following 12 hours included the individual Stapleford competition, lunch of ham and eggs and then the Greensomes Pairs competition for a total of 36 holes of golf!   All of which led to the evening entertainment of prize giving, beer and sandwiches, culminating in the successful prize draw raffle.

Thanks to the sponsors as well as to those who provided the prizes.  Many congratulations to Golf Day sponsors Critical, Insight Show 2018 and Watch me Think.

And to all the players who so cheerfully emptied their pockets for the cause! This year’s Morning Individual Stapleford winner was Jon Darby.  The runner up was Simon Thomas; front nine was Justin Alderson; back nine was Ram Tiwari; nearest the pin was Mark Dent and longest drive was John Hicks.

In the afternoon, the Greensomes Pairs winners were: Simon Thomas & John Hicks.  Runners up were John Steinitz and Justin Alderson.  Nearest the pin was Richard Collins and the Longest Drive winner was Dan Boustead.



Insight Show’s Cricket match raises £170

Insight Show 2018 Event Manager, Stewart Tippler managed to get 14 legitimate researchers playing and had 6 players from Purley Cricket Club to help make the numbers and a 10 v 10 match.

It was a very close match with Research Club batting first and getting to 157 runs off their 20 overs.   Insight Show went into bat knowing what they needed (just under 8 runs an over) and successfully achieved the required rate with Richard Collins hitting the winning runs with 2 balls to spare.

Great game and great venue thanks to Bob Qureshi.


Mike Roe’s first donation from his Microlaunch simulation game of £72 also helps the cause

April 10th this year was a proud day for Mike Roe.  The Market Research Society Training enlarged their online offer with a simulation or ‘interactive game’ called Microlaunch.  He had it built to add a fun element to the training of young market researchers by bringing the topic to life.  Since the MRS agreed to split the simulation fee equally with Mike, he decided to share the good news by donating 10% of his first year income to the MRBA in recognition of his long enjoyable career in the research industry over the past 50 years.  Thank you so much Mike!

Mike’s career has been split between being a researcher at Research International (now fused into TNS) and more recently a freelance trainer. It had taken the last 2 years for him to produce the Microlaunch online training simulation which is now part of the ‘Introduction to Market Research’ module leading to the basic MRS Certificate.

So what is this simulation? Students, young researchers and/or new marketers play the game on a laptop for just over 1 hour, either as individuals or in small teams. They are challenged by his online avatar (called Mike- note the similarity to his own name) to develop and successfully launch a virtual new brand. Six research projects must be designed using a range of research techniques, keeping within budget. On completion, scores are published covering spend, correct choices and errors made. Typical participant reactions have been:  “Great learning…great fun!” For more information click here.