It’s hard to imagine it is that time of year again.  The clocks have changed and the weather is getting colder.  There are several things you can do this winter to help research colleagues in need. For example, donate your winter fuel allowance to MRBA and make a donation to us instead of sending Christmas cards. Just click here.

Christmas shopping online?
Then don’t forget to register with easyfundraising.  It just takes a few minutes to sign up to sign upand then click Register Now at the top.  It doesn’t cost you anything.  Each time you buy something online at over 3,000 participating UK retailers, a small donation will be sent to us.   So far we’ve raised £480.63 this way.  There is NO additional cost to you.  So feel good every time you hit that buy button and benefit the MRBA too.  Every 50p here and there really adds up.