How do I know if I am eligible for financial support?

Our rules allow us to help those who work, or worked, in the market research industry for a minimum amount of time, and their immediate family. This includes interviewers, field staff, office-based support staff, managers and researchers, executives and consultants.


Who do you consider immediate family?

  • Spouse or live-in partner
  • Dependent children (usually under 18)


How long do I need to have worked in market research to be eligible?

Our guideline is two years for full-time workers, and the equivalent to this for part-time workers, but is at the discretion of the Committee.


I’m not a member of the MRS, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, current or previous membership of the MRS is not required.


I don’t feel able to go through a lengthy application process.

Your Regional Manager will be able to visit/meet/telephone you and help you to complete the application form and explain the process.


Who are Regional Managers?

Regional Managers are experienced and well-informed volunteers who have worked in market research and live in your area. Link to who they are


How complicated is the application form?

As a charity we need to use our funds appropriately. The form collects details of who lives in the household, your market research experience, why you are applying for help, your income and expenditure and other financial information.


I‘m embarrassed about my situation. How do I know it will remain confidential?

Only the Secretary, Regional Manager and National Cases Manager know who the applicants are. Members of the MRBA Committee do not see names or identifying details. Your personal circumstances are treated in total confidence and no-one outside the MRBA will know you approached us.


What happens after I’ve filled in the application form?

Your Regional Manager will write up a report based on talking to you. That, and your form, will be sent to the National Cases Manager. The NCM will present it to the MRBA Committee, for a decision. The Regional Manager will let you know the outcome.


How long will it take for me to receive a decision?

The MRBA Committee meets approximately every six weeks so it could take two months from first contact to decision. The Regional Manager will tell you when the next Committee meeting will be. However, if your case is urgent and needs immediate attention the application will be fast-tracked.


If you decide to help, will you send me the money?

If we decide to give you a grant or loan, usually we pay the creditors/suppliers directly, doing this within days of the decision.


If my application is unsuccessful is there an appeals procedure?

The MRBA Committee tries to be as generous as possible but we don’t have unlimited funds. We cannot help everyone who approaches us. There is no appeals procedure. However, we may recommend other agencies or organisations that could help you.