For almost two years Covid-19 has impacted many lives; job loss, financial difficulties and personal problems have all increased. But, thanks to the donations from our patrons, partners, and friends we can offer support to those impacted by the pandemic and beyond.
We handle cases of those who cannot pay rent and are facing eviction, those impacted by redundancies and help people by putting food on the table. Life has many challenges, and the pandemic has put them under a magnifying glass. We’re proud of the support we offer to our colleagues across the industry via bursaries, grants, and interest-free loans. With our help we have supported over 1,000 colleagues so far and want to help more.
“I spent many weeks in hospital with a spinal injury after a fall down the stairs. On my return home I found I just wasn’t able to do everyday activities in the same way that I used to. The MRBA helped me by paying for easy grip cutlery, an easy pour kettle and a jar opener. This helped me gain back my independence and I couldn’t be more grateful”                Testimonial, Frank*
Financial hardship is a huge stressor for most and we aim to stop that stress through our grants and loans. Looking after yourself and your mental health is something that has become harder throughout the pandemic. As winter approaches and the nights get colder and bills go up, we can offer support. At the MRBA we want to make sure as many as possible can keep the heating on this winter.
Applying for support is easy and takes very little to time. We look at all cases individually and when you contact us, a member of our support team will reach out to you for further information about your situation. Our committee then meets on a weekly basis to discuss each case and decisions are made on what type of support we can offer. If you are in a pressing situation then we can fast-track your case and provide updates within days.
This will be our first winter without lockdowns and governmental support via the furlough scheme, being concerned about the future is natural and that’s why we want to help. If you’re unsure if we can help you or not you can still reach out and we will offer as much support as possible.
For a full list of the support we offer, click here
*Name changed to protect identity