A neighbour recently showed me a photograph taken in January 1963 when the average maximum daily temperature for the month was below freezing in this area.  The local lake had frozen over and the photograph showed people driving cars and playing games on it.

Well, we don’t seem to get many of those any more, but that doesn’t mean that winter is necessarily a lot easier than it used to be.  A cold winter is not just a matter of temperature.  The MRBA has applicants who are being turned out of their houses with nowhere to go, or who rely on food banks to keep going.  Just because it is not snowing, does not mean that these people do not feel cold and alone.

What makes these cases even more heart-wrenching is that they are, or used to be, our colleagues in market research, collecting and analysing data.  The MRBA does what we can.  We try to ensure that they can afford somewhere to live and have something to eat, but we can’t always be there for them to give the comfort that they need.

In this, the MRBA’s 40th year, we have just helped our 1,000th case. Obviously we are proud of that milestone, which we have only been able to achieve because of your support, but we should also remember what we can’t do.  If you know of an old workmate or colleague who needs a bit of emotional warmth this winter, go and see them.

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