MRBA Chairman Ian Brace writes:  “I am writing this en route home from the Quirk’s London Event, held at the O2 InterContinental Hotel in London 12-13 February.  Being there has reminded me what a fantastic industry we work in, or, for some of us, used to work in.  There is a generosity and kindness to be found everywhere, and I have seen it today talking to people from UK, USA and elsewhere about the MRBA.

Individuals are kind and generous, but so too are corporations, who are of course merely collections of individuals.  Today we have benefitted from the kindness of Quirk’s who provided us with a stand at the event and gave us wonderful hospitality.

In a few weeks’ time that kindness will be repeated at the MRS Impact 2019 conference.  It is also evident in the organisation of events such as the ICG Quiz Night, which raise money for the Association.  And it is especially evident in the number of Corporate Patrons who have signed up to support the MRBA with financial help and who often get involved with events such as MRBA Week and provide support in other ways as well.  Without all of these we would have difficulty in helping the people who we are able to and balancing our books.

Currently we have 32 Corporate Patrons, including four who have signed up in the last few weeks.  We are immensely grateful to Quirk’s, who have not only provided us with the space at their event, but have agreed to become a Corporate Patron, and to MIS Group UK, Cint and Respondi UK who have also recently signed up.  You may be ‘Corporate’ Patrons, but we know that the kindness and generosity stems from the people within the corporations. Thank you to you all.”

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