Chairman Ian Brace writes:

Like other organisations, the MRBA is in the process of becoming compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which replace the current Data Protection Act on 25th May of this year.  One of the requirements is that we need from you a positive agreement that you wish to continue to receive MRBA Matters and other communications from MRBA including emails about our auction and other fundraising events.

You should by now have received a request from us by email to say whether or not you want to continue to receive them.  If you have and have not yet responded, could I ask you to do so NOW, using the instructions on the email. If you have not received the email and wish to continue to receive correspondence from us, please send an email to to say that you would like to remain on our mailing list as soon as possible.

If we do not receive confirmation from you by 25 May then we shall be obliged to remove your details from our mailing list and send you no further communications of this type.  Individual Members/Friends and Patrons of MRBA will continue to receive notices of the Annual General Meeting and details of financial performance.

In compliance with GDPR, we have a new Privacy Policy which you can read on our website  Also, we have adopted a number of new internal procedures to safeguard personal data even more so than previously.

Elsewhere in this issue of MRBA Matters you will see a report on the outcome of this year’s online auction. Here, though, I would like to thank all of those involved, donors and bidders, and particularly Linda Henshall and her team.  Through her hard work, the target of £7,000 that was set for the auction has been comprehensively smashed. Well done Linda and thank you once again.


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