Chairman Ian Brace writes:   “Our annual report for 2016/17 was presented at the AGM in September. In that we reported a year that was fairly similar to the previous year.  Our expenditure on charitable activities was £45,586 out of a total expenditure of £63,693.  The previous year had seen an expenditure of £43,045 on charitable activities within a total expenditure of £54,893.

Income for the year was £41,830, leaving a deficit of more than £20,000 which was covered from reserves. In the previous year the deficit was less than £1,000 because of lower total expenditure and higher income, particularly from the bi-annual MRBA Week.  It does not cause a problem for us to meet the deficit from the reserves as they continue to be healthy, and, as I have previously reported, we are seeking ways of reducing them.

To this end we are close to finalising an arrangement for providing bursaries to people studying for MRS qualifications as a first step into supporting education and training in the industry. We are very excited about this and hope to see it develop into support for apprenticeships and qualifications from other institutions. This, in our view, is a good use of the funds that we have at our disposal. This does not rule out however, continuing to look at other ways in which the MRBA can support the market research community.

It is covered elsewhere in this newsletter, but I cannot close without congratulating Sue Robson, Linda Henshall, Claire Harris, John Bizzell, Chris Smith, Debbie Whittick, Katariina Hannelius and her team, as well as Rossanne Lee-Bertram, for organising the 40th Anniversary Party in October. It was a brilliant event that brought together many of our sponsors and supporters for the first time, and I am sure has helped to raise their appreciation of the Association and its work. In addition this team has also worked hard with our MRBA Fundraising Champions to raise over £4,000 so far during our second ‘Helping Researchers in Need’ Fundraising Week 16-20 October.  Congratulations to you all.

Thank you very much for supporting the MRBA this year.  On behalf of the entire MRBA Committee and team we wish you, your colleagues and your family a very Merry Christmas and healthy, happy and prosperous 2018.”


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