Well it was a great week.  You’ve been busy baking, quizzing, raffling, and lucky dipping; scavenging, and dressing up all in aid of MRBA Fundraising Week. Thank you so much.  Please continue to tell us what you did and send us your photos as well as share your activities on social media #mrbaweek.  So far, you’ve raised £4,773.61 which is amazing, and we know there is more to come.   That brings the total raised from donations, sponsorship and fundraising so far in 2017 to £24K.

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A special thank you to Respondi UK
Respondi put their thinking caps on and came up with a really innovative way of involving colleagues from other market research organisations for #mrbaweek. Read more. They hosted an Interactive Scavenger Hunt in London’s Covent Garden on the evening of October 19th.  All the teams were winners but many congratulations go to the team from Language Connect who completed the most tasks within the time period.  Well done and thank you for donating your prize back to MRBA which will be added to our 2018 annual, online auction.  In second place was Viewpoint and Lightspeed was  in third place.

It seems everyone enjoyed themselves and this industry-wide initiative is a great example of putting the ‘fun’ in fundraising.

According to UK Account Executive, Faraz Zamyadi who spearheaded the Scavenger Hunt, “We are planning an even bigger and better event next year, so for all of you who are interested, we hope to be able to call on your support again in 2018.”

To view some of the hilarious pictures/videos please click here HERE

And remember, in addition to the money you’ve raised, you have been out there spreading the word about the MRBA and sharing stories of the great work we do.  With your help, we hope that people, who don’t know about us, will get in touch with us for help or support in the future.

So far you’ve raised £24K from donations, sponsorship and fundraising since the beginning of 2017 – our 40th year

With MRBA Fundraising Week funds to date, the amount of money you’ve generated for MRBA so far in 2017 is £24,000 and the year isn’t over yet!  So please keep supporting us if you can.  Individual and corporate donations are always welcome.  It’s easy.  Just click here to go directly to our Virgin Money donations page.