New MRBA Chair

After nearly 31 years on the MRBA board and 20 years as Chair, Ian Brace has stood down.

Ian’s commitment to the charity has been phenomenal. On behalf of all current and past MRBA Trustees, our Corporate Patrons and Friends, Members, Cases Managers, Fund Raisers and Supporters, and, of course, all the people we have helped over the past 20 years, we thank Ian for all he has done.

We would like to give a very warm welcome to the MRBA’s new Chair, Virginia Monk.

Ginny has been a MRBA Trustee since 2016 and was instrumental in developing the MRBAs Skills Bursary programme.

At the MRBA’s recent AGM, Ginny outlined the three key things she wants the charity to focus on in the short to midterm:

Firstly, how we can best raise awareness of the MRBA so we can reach and support more colleagues in need.

Secondly, in support of that, undertake a review of our marketing activity and collateral to ensure we have the right communications available for all audiences to help promote us to their networks.

Thirdly, explore other ways in which we can support the research community in terms of further financial support, perhaps expanding the bursary scheme to other industry educational qualifications.