During Covid-19 MRBA has announced Special Skills Lockdown Bursaries for those keen to take the MRS Advanced Certificate with the Research Academy, The Market Research Study Centre, or London Marketing Set.

These course providers have introduced this one-off early start to the course to give candidates additional time to study for this well recognised and worthwhile qualification, but who might struggle with the costs.  This opportunity will appeal to researchers who have been furloughed, enabling any of them with ‘free time’ to improve their career prospects in UK market research; or to those who may still be working-full time to complete the qualification at a slower pace over a longer period. Bursary applications are being received until 31 May.

The course begins 13 June for the January 2021 assessment period.

Motif MD and MRBA Skills Committee Member Virginia Monk says: “Money is tight right now and training and skills development will be one of the last things research colleagues may be thinking about.   With that in mind, we were approached by Mia Lorenz, MD at Research Academy, one of the MRS Advanced Certificate learning providers, and asked if MRBA Skills could help eligible colleagues fund the cost of the MRS Advanced Certificate during lockdown. We are delighted to be able to respond to this and to be teaming up the Research Academy as well as The Marketing Research Study Centre and London Marketing Set to offer a number of one-off Special Skills Lockdown bursaries for people wishing to study for the Advanced Certificate. These special bursaries will provide that financial support so applicants can hone their skills for a future career in research. We are looking forward to receiving applications for our Special Skills Lockdown bursaries during the month of May. The criteria are the same as for our other MRBA Skills bursaries, so please visit our website www.mrba.org.uk/skills/ for more information.”

According to Research Academy Managing Director (Business), Mia Lorenz, “The current crisis in sector turnover means that the invaluable MRBA Skills bursaries will really come into their own. In a climate where there’s little scope for employers to invest in staff training, MRBA Skills bursaries allow researchers who have been furloughed from smaller businesses or made redundant to invest their time in gaining a professional qualification. To this end, the Research Academy has opened a special edition of its online MRS Advanced Certificate course, allowing bursary winners to begin their studies right away.  We’re delighted to be partnering with MRBA Skills on this timely initiative, which shows once again the MRBA’s superb dedication to supporting the most vulnerable in the market research sector.”


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