On one of the hottest days in early June, Friday 6th May, right after the Quirk’s event in London. The Research Club held its annual industry cricket match. On this occasion in association with Stewart Tippler and AST Media we had a Research Club v Quirk’s Event game.

In previous years since 2013, the Research Club has played against various MR teams and always at the superbly hosted Purley Cricket & Sports Club in Surrey.

It was wonderful to see both men and women take part in this game, with all abilities and a very convivial and joyful atmosphere amongst all the players.

As Monica Kaur of PanelBase posted on LinkedIn:

“The perfect way to end last week after Quirk’s, was playing in the annual cricket match at Purley Sports Club with The Research Club and Quirk’s! Panelbase and James Salmon DRG had loads of fun!

I was not expecting to take the wicket of the match, but I did! “I bowled out Stewart Tippler!”

It was a magical moment, one those who witnessed won’t be forgetting anytime soon, or letting Stewart forget! “

Much thanks must go to Bob Qureshi in organising the event and to the Research Club in funding the event as well as also donating £100 to the MRBA. A special mention to Genmarc Research Pvt. for the awards and some exhilarating exhibition play.

Awards were presented to:

  • Monica Kaur for Batter of the match

  • Richard Collins for best Player of the match

  • Sia Najumi for best bowler

  • The Mirza brothers Asif and Tariq were awarded a cricket bat for they’re all round entertainment and excellent cricket!