As Coronavirus is  hitting the UK market research industry, we are here to help. As we don’t receive any government assistance, we have limited resources and totally depend on the generous donations of individuals and organisations across our industry.  So, we will be aiming to help those most in need. Our usual criterion of at least two years working in market research will continue to apply.

If someone finds themselves in this situation and has already checked whether they are eligible for Employment Support Allowance  and or Universal Credit (with link), then they should email outlining their circumstances, providing their full contact address and telephone details and request an application form. They should not call the Helpline, but find out more here,

Currently the situation regarding government support is changing daily. So far. the UK government has announced help for mortgage payers and renters, as well as those behind with their utility bills, and payments to employed people, but it working on more details for the self-employed.  Please check what you might be eligible for before coming to us.  See Citizens Advice helpline and the government website 

For additional support information available, please see our attached Coronavirus support document  

We ask employers to please make this information known to their staff. For more details on the help we can provide please click here.